Custom Declaration, Taxes and Normal Check

There are no any taxes for us to export the accessories from China or from Hongkong. All the parcels have to be declared before entering your country's custom. Before we ship the parcel, we already filled the form of parcel description e.g. total value, quantity and materials. But if the parcel over a certain amount of value, you may have to pay the import taxes to the custom of your country. Normally, most of the import taxes of accessories should be around 10-15% of the total value. The tax rate depends on each country. If you want to know more, please approach to your country's custom directly.
If you have request, before shipping out the parcel, we will attach a "fake-invoice" in the packing box with lower prices (around 25%) and declare the parcel in this low value. So that you may have a chance to pay less taxes or skip to pay any.
However, based on the low value invoice, if the parcel getting lost during delivery, you may not get a reasonable compensation from the shipping company. In this seldom situation, we won't responsible for any compensation but we will try our best to help you to argue with the shipping company or offer you a special discount in your next order.

In some particular events, even the parcel have detail declaration, it also would be picked up by both sides' custom for checking. They may hold the parcel for around 2-3 working days. If the parcel checked without any problem, they will release the parcel and let the shipping company to continue their delivery. But during the checking period, part of the items maybe picked up by the custom if they suspect the items are harmful, valuable metals or illegal. In this case, normally, even the result is no problem, the custom may not return the items without any notification. We suggest all customers should check the quantity first when the parcel arrived from the shipping company. If found many items missing or broken, you can report to the deliver and us immediately so that you will have higher chance to get back those missing items shortly or compenstaton.


Shipment Cost and Delivery

All the shipping fee depends on the weight and size of the order (with packing box).
The related shipping fee should be confirmed and agreed with our company and customer before any payment.
Customer could choose their own shipping agent or request by Sea Post or by Sea LCL (LESS THAN CONTAINER LOAD) (Sea Shipment may take 1.5months).
For the prices of Sea Shipment, please email us for details.



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